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For questions or help, call our customer information number at +1-240-731-5656, +92-333-219-2513


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All the prices will be quoted subject to inquiry. Use INQUIRY FORM for your inquiries, feedback, order, complaints & suggestions.


Price Changes


We reserve the right to change prices without notice to correct pricing errors, adjust for large gold/silver market price changes, or adjust for major currency fluctuations.


No Minimum Order


Most companies have a strict minimum order policy, and won't accept any orders under their minimum. We know there are times when, despite the best planning, you are in need of a couple of essential items, in between your regular orders. So feel free to place whatever size order you need to complete those projects.


Payment Methods

  • L.C (Letter of Credit)

  • T.T (Telegraphic Transfer)

  • International Money Orders

  • Online Checks

  • PayPal

  • All Major Debit/Credit Cards


Payment Policies


NSF Checks - Non-Sufficient Fund Checks will be assessed a $25.00 service charge. For any mount not collected within 30 days, an additional charge of 1-1/2% per month will be added to the outstanding balance. Uncollected checks will be turned over for collection, and the check writer will be responsible for all collection costs.


Credit Cards, Electronic Checks - Our shopping cart services are completely secure. The shopping cart will calculate all items you wish to purchase, add shipping costs and applicable sales tax, (Texas residents only) and apply any applicable volume discounts. We encourage you to read our Security and Privacy policies if you feel uneasy about shopping on the internet.


C. O. D. 's - Cashier's check or money order only. There will be a $6.00 charge for any COD to cover fees assessed by the carrier. Redelivery and return fees made by the carrier will be charged to your account. If a COD is refused, the $6.00 COD fee is still your responsibility unless otherwise previously agreed. If an item is out of stock on a COD order we will attempt to substitute a similar item, if available, unless you advise us otherwise. We are not able to reserve items on COD orders.


Order Form


If you feel uncomfortable ordering goods via the Internet, we have a convenient order form that you can print out, complete and fax to us. We will take it from there. Don't forget to include your credit card information on the form, or if you wish, you can indicate that you will be sending a check via U.S. Mail. Click here to go to the order form.


Returning Merchandise


We are happy to accept returns for items purchased within the last 14 days. Simply fill out the return merchandise order form on the back of your invoice. All returns MUST be accompanied by the original invoice. (Please make a copy for your records.) All returned merchandise must be sent back in its original container/bag, in a completely unaltered state. A fee of 25% will apply otherwise. Arriza Group is not responsible lost, damaged, or undelivered returned items. We urge you to insure the merchandise being returned. Arriza Group is not responsible for postage on returned items. When merchandise is returned, please advise which you prefer, in-store credit, refund, replacement, or exchange.


Shipping Policy


Our standard shipping rates apply, and are non-refundable if merchandise is returned. Orders will be shipped by the method chosen at the time of ORDER. Please note, if you make an incorrect selection, such as International, when the order is for domestic shipping, we will add the standard rate charges to your credit card for the most economical method of shipping.


Note: Due to the recent increases in fuel prices, we have experienced increases from our shipping service providers.


Most orders are processed and sent out within 2-4 business days from the time of placement. If an item you order is out of stock we will backorder the item if we are expecting stock replenishment within 7 days. Please check your enclosed invoice to verify backorder information.


Contact Information


Contact #: +1-240-731-5656, +92-333-219-2513




General Information and Customer Support via email: mailto: info@arriza.com , arriza.onyx@yahoo.com 


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