Brief Description:
Kinnow is a member of Citrus family. It was developed from a lengthy hybridization process, through the cross-breeding of two other varieties King and Will Leaf. It is indigenous product from Pakistan. The finest of all the citrus fruits regard this fruit rich in flavor with exquisite taste. It is easy to peel, the rind containing numerous oil glands, comes off easily with bare hands since it is loosely bound compared to other type of citrus fruits. Therefore kinnow can be just peeled off and enjoyed anywhere, anytime.
Pakistan as a nation produces about 12% and stands among the top ten citrus growing countries in the world. These fruits are grown nearly in all the four provinces in varying proportions.
and Will Leaf.
Our production capacity is 1.30 m tons per season. In Pakistan the kinnow is grown under totally natural conditions to enhance the original flavour of the fruit and to preserve its fundamental goodness.
It is widely used for juices, squashes, jellies and marmalade.
Once treated with proper fungicide, waxed and handled carefully to store the Kinnow at about 4°C. It can retain its freshness up to 60 days.
The popular varieties grown in Punjab include Oranges, Red Blood, Mausami, Ruby Red , Jaffa , Fruiter, Malta, limes and lemons. Approximately about 60 per cent of total citrus production is comprised of mandarin being popularly known as Kinnow. Quality wise, Kinnow is the most important variety. It is relished both domestically and internationally for its flavour. It is golden in colour and has a thin loose skin. This variety has been obtained through the cross-breeding of two other varieties King and Will Leaf.
Health Values
It is rich in Fiber and Vitamin C which is important for the production and maintenance of collagen.

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